TEN with [author]

As you may have noticed, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a “TEN with” author interview.  This is not because there are no good authors to interview.  Nor is it because we have been kicking back by the pool eating cream puffs.

It’s because we are swamped with preparing Heron for launch and planning book-length projects for 2010.

But we miss our Monday visits with our contributors around the world, so we’ve posted a “help wanted” sign in our new website’s window that reads like this:

Assistant Editor

“TEN with” interviews & posting assistance

This volunteer position would consist of choosing the “TEN with” author, sending the questions, formatting the answers, and writing a short opening and closing. Bylines will be given. Our assistant editor will be invited to submit work for the farewell issue of Shape of a Box. He/she will also get to make up the questions for 2010’s interviews and pitch potential projects he/she would like to do under the Folded Word umbrella.

To apply, please email editors@foldedword.com with:

  1. Links to blogs/websites for which you contributed content. Be sure to include at least three links to specific articles if you did not write all the content on a particular blog/site.
  2. Descriptions of your experience with article writing in at least one medium (newspapers, magazines, blogs, promotional copy) with references.  These may even be high school publications.
  3. A short paragraph that demonstrates a familiarity with Folded Word and its publications. Are you a reader? A contributor? Do you follow/subscribe?

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