Hatching Heron

logo for Heron mini-mag
logo for Heron mini-mag

Heron is our new print/MP3 fusion mini-mag, slated to launch 15 July 2009.  Issue 1 will feature a short story by PicFic‘s Regular Contributor Mel Bosworth.   “Leave Me While I Lessen” was written exclusively with Heron in mind and is a lovely 400 word flash, perfect for the summer weather that will greet it upon launch.

PDF copies to print and fold at home will be available for free on our new website.  The MP3 downloads will be free from there as well.  Limited edition (signed and numbered) print copies will be available from the author and through an online contest.  More details and links will be posted on 15 July 2009.

If you’re a writer, please note that we will not be accepting unsolicited manuscripts for Heron.  Instead, all manuscripts will be solicited from Regular Contributors of Form.Reborn and PicFic that have demonstrated:

  • flexibility & openness to editorial suggestions
  • passion for our Twitter-zines & our philosophy
  • connection with readers (based on web-stats & comments)

So if you’d like to be considered, submit enough to be a Regular Contributor and share your archive links with the world when your work appears.

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