Add Your Voice to May’s 3 Cheers

*Voting is now closed, but you may still read the nominated works.*

We’re trying something new for May’s 3 Cheers.  Rather than making an in-house decision on the “winners,” we’ve chosen finalists and posted polls so that you may help choose whose work should play in video form.  In case of ties, Jessie Carty (Founding Editor) will make the final decision.

Winners will be announced when the May 3 Cheers video is posted to YouTube, hopefully on 15 June 2009.

You may review the nominated works by clicking through the links below.  The polls (below each nominee list) will be open until Wednesday 10 June 2009 at midnight (Pacific).  Please play.  We’d love to know what you think!

extended works



9 Comments on “Add Your Voice to May’s 3 Cheers

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  4. Just a note… the links for picfic don’t work. May be it’s my computer…


  5. links for the votes or the archives? I haven’t been able to find a dead link yet. If you get a chance, feel free to email me the ones that didn’t work and I’ll look into it.


  6. And the whole world rejoices;-) Thanks Mr. B!


  7. YAY!!! Thanks to everyone who got out the vote. We had a great response;-)


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