TEN with meika Part 2

Two weeks ago, we brought you the first half of our interview with meika loofs-samorzewski.  And, at long last, here is the second half you’ve all been waiting for;-)

  • When the well is dry, how do you fill it? Carve wax into figurines. Go for a walk or bicycle ride (I’m a writer who unconsciously strides off when writing well). Attempt arbitrary disciplines: random themes, seasons, absurd rhyme schemes, word salad automatic mush writing.
    But do you find that in your “striding off” you hear new words/concepts to finish the piece you left? Only if I remember to get back to my writing desk. The reverie needs to be reported on. I am one of those natural high perverts.
  • Your biggest fans just burst into the room.  How many are there and what do you do? My children know better than to annoy me in the study.
  • Why did you submit to PicFic? Because it’s there. On the form generally: Ultra short pieces are probably an optimal solution for me (when trying to reach any audience at all) for in brevity I can retain my density, elliptical and indirect as it is, without wearying my potential readers. It’s a good fit, as the style is, perhaps, more important than the substance, because the reader must join the dots, and in those hints a readers own powers are nurtured and unleashed. A good short piece of twiction will release the form within the reader. A good read is a well-expressed epigenetic ‘rede’ (as opposed to the meme/gene analogy).  Self-designing reproductions is the work of all narrative, poetry and ‘making’. At least where it seeks to extend beyond the ‘unchanging’ human condition.
    So do you get frustrated with novels that make the same point five times—just in case you missed the point? Probably not as I do not finish these novels, though I did when I was younger and had time, and a more forgiving nature.
  • Fill in the blank:  In the expansive Literary Galaxy, I am: in the sculpture garden no longer writing for humans, because we’re reading together.
    Will you ever write for machines?  What about cyborgs? We are cyborgs already, have been since the early hominids used the first sticks and stones as tools.

In case you missed meika’s stories, you may read them on his archive page.  He will also have two poems featured in Form.Reborn at the beginning of June.  G’day and cheers!

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