Our Twitter-zines Reviewed

This has been a great week for our editorial staff.  Both of our Twitter-zines, Form.Reborn and PicFic, received positive reviews from independent blogs.

One Night Stanzas sang out first.  The blog’s editor, Claire Askew, described our mission and her experience with us as a contributor to Form.Reborn.  We danced a jig when we read her opinion that “…there is a great wealth of fantastic pieces already in the F.R vault… and it’s only been up and running a short while!”  Cheers, Claire.

Yesterday, Twiction (also known as @tweetfic on Twitter) chimed in with a lovely review of PicFic.  The editor went so far as to say, “PicFic is my favorite underdog twitterzine, a non-paying non-genre fiction mag for twiction that doesn’t have nearly enough followers for the quality of its content.”  Twiction also has an interesting post that explores the definition of story in tweets.  If you’re a passionate reader of  (or contributor to) PicFic, you should definitely join in the discussion here.

And thanks to all of you that make it possible for us to publish in this emerging venue.  We couldn’t receive these kudos without you!

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