Theme Thursday: New Forms & Shadows

Introducing yet another set of special themes for Form. Reborn and PicFic.  While our standard guidelines still apply, we are aggressively seeking:

  1. New forms.  Let’s make up new forms.  Anyone want to give it a try?  I’m feeling jet-lagged and silly, so now’s your chance.  Anything goes for Form. Reborn–any line length, any meter, as long as the piece is 140 characters or less.  Just come up with a pattern, give it a name, and submit three pieces written in it.   (Deadline:  30 June 2009 to
  2. Picos that involve shadows for PicFic, written in 1, 7, & 14 tweet lengths (see submission guidelines for explanation).  Like to write mystery/suspense?  Get ’em in while you can!  (Deadline:  30 June 2009 to
  3. Multilingual Submissions for both journals.  Write any pico or poem in English to meet the character-count guidelines, then give us your interpretation in another language.  The English will run on Twitter.  Translations with the English will be posted on the author’s archive page.  (Deadline:  none–we LOVE multilingual submissions)

First one in gets special treatment;-)  Ready, steady, GO!

Cheers, J. S.

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