TEN with Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Nathalie Boisard-Beudin is the first contributor to send us a multilingual submission, probably due to the fact that she is a French woman living in Rome, Italy. She has more hobbies than spare time: reading, cooking, writing, painting and photography. She hopes that her technical colleagues at the European Space Agency will soon come up with a solution to that problem by stretching the fabric of time. Either that or send her up to write about the travels and trials of the International Space Station, the way this was done for the exploratory missions of old. Her literary work has appeared in Six Sentences, Crime and Suspense, Qarrtsiluni, The Battered Suitcase, and Membre Disjecta. We got her attention when we dipped our fingers in her latest culinary creation. Since we raved over her intoxicating blend of flavors, she agreed to answer our questions.

What was the first book/poem/phrase that rocked your world?

Hard to tell. Something French, obviously. I think words always held some type of magic over me. I loved fairy tales and legends as a child. I still do now, which is probably why I am writing so many. If you are after some recognizable shock effect, I do remember reading my first Terry Pratchett, though and thinking “Where have you been all my life?”

Dr. Who picks you up in the Tardis. Where/when do you go?
Dr. Who?
Seriously, it is a double miracle that, as a French woman and one without a TV, I do know of Dr. Who. The miracle does not extend to my knowing about him.

What was your first published piece & where was it published?

There were bits as a child (poems in a local newspaper) but as an adult (and writing in English) that would be the five micro stories I have in the anthology Wonderful World of Worders (Guildhall Press, 2007).

Do you think the internet hurts or helps literature?

The internet is just a mean, so the bad, the good and/or the ugly would only come from the use we are making of the medium rather than from the thing itself.

What about authors?

The benefits of the internet to authors are many. Above all, it does offer more outlet for publication in addition to the more traditional ones. Also, an internet interface can allow authors to get direct feedback from their readers, which I find interesting because, while I know what I put in a story, I have no idea what my readers are putting in there.

When the well is dry, how do you fill it?

Not sure, since I am rather plagued with a over abundance of ideas and not enough time to carry them through, which is another type of frustration altogether.

I would think: just write. Chase one word after the other, rub them together to seek if they spark something. But write.

Favourite writing tool?

The computer. I am a paper fetishist and, although I love buying new notebooks, the defacing of a clear nice piece of paper is way too traumatic for me. No worries about this with a computer.

Your biggest fans just burst into the room. How many are there & how do you react?

I don’t know how many because I just bolted out of the back door without counting them. The idea of fans is nice but embarrassing. It’s not as if I was doing something really special here.

Why did you submit to PicFic?

I like the challenge of saying something in 140 characters. No one needs to know what I am doing or planning to have for dinner but a story is a challenge that needs to be sung.

In the expansive Literary Galaxy, I am the little Earth observation satellite that decided to go boldly where no integrated circuit has ever set a solar array before. Last heard saying: “L2, here I come…”

Be sure to read the Italian and French versions of her picofiction “Funeral” and follow us on Twitter to receive picos on your mobile phone via text-message. Now please excuse us—we’ve just got to try another taste…

5 Comments on “TEN with Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

  1. A woman for all seasons indeed. I’ve followed Nathalie’s creative river/volcano/supernova for better than three years, if not more, and it never ceases to amaze me and delight me. I keep learning all sorts of things. And… keep imitating. :).

    ***no TV? Now THAT is something I never imagined. Greatly admired, though.***


  2. Thanks, Adriana. We definitely think she is something special! And if you ever want to walk in her footsteps, we’ll welcome your submission;-)


  3. Hi, Grayestone and thank you for the welcome. 🙂 Hard to follow in Nathalie’s awesome footsteps, but…


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