Bad Press

Just wanted to post a quick note as an apology to those writers whom I have published and will be publishing since there have been some comments and posts on at least one other blog about the fact that we charge reading fees for our chapbook series.  

I don’t feel I need to apologize for charging a reading fee when that is a common practice in the publishing industry, but I do want to apologize to  my writers who might read something like that and thing that we are somehow a share the price publishing press etc.   We are not.

The only requirement we have is the reading fee.  If I publish you, you will NOT incur any additional cost, unless you decide to buy copies of your chapbook (outside of the free ones we give you) at just above cost.

I just wanted to post this to say Thank You to all the wonderful writers who send me work, those I’ve published and those whose work wasn’t quite a fit for me.  I love putting out “Shape of a Box” (for which I make no income) and I still look forward to publishing the chapbooks I’ve already accepted.  I just don’t want my writers to be hurt by some kind of bad press that boils down to a difference in opinion.

Thank you for your continued support. 

No profit was made in the typing of this blog, in the publishing of Shape of a Box or in reading chapbooks 🙂

–Jessie Carty

Managing Editor, Shape of a Box    and Folded Word Press

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